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We woke up with the first sun rays, as usual, on the day of the event which would be named The Shaking. Merely hours into the day, a loud thundering sound was heard coming both from nowhere and everywhere. Moments later, the entire land started shaking violently; roofs collapsed, tents razed, river flows were diverted and mountains were moved. Words fail to describe the terror we all experienced on that horrific day. Not understanding what had happened, people proclaimed the event as the wrath of the gods. This made it easier to cope with what had happened and after weeks of living in fear, the feeling of dread started to subside. We started rebuilding and returning to normalcy. Weeks later, a traveling merchant came with news of strange openings appearing in various places around the land. Many brave (or foolish) people set out to find out more about them; venturing inside the dark tunnels into the bowels of the world. Many adventurers never returned, and those who did were not the same people who had entered. Their mind was haunted by the horrors seen inside, both in dreams and while awake. However, some lucky ones did return, seemingly unscathed, bearing treasures of many kinds: coin, gems and artifacts. This success gave courage to many more and soon a new venture was established. These adventurers, later dubbed Seekers, quickly became famous for their craft and would be wanted for their stories in all the taverns across the land. When these openings first appeared on their land, the villagers thought of it as a curse. Business-savy ones seized the opportunity and fenced off the opening, set up armed guards and began requesting a tithe for anyone wishing to enter. Such locations were often advertised as unexplored or pristine to attract more Seekers. The Elder Council, represented by the wisest members of the community, also took interest in the artifacts found on these adventures. They started offering bounties for any artifacts found in hopes of figuring out what caused The Shaking and most importantly, could they still be in danger.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create a digital world where players can enjoy exploring our worlds and be challenged solving puzzles and ciphers on our treasure hunts. We aim to organize the world so that a thriving economy can emerge for the benefit of all of our players.
By introducing utility and integrating various DeFi mechanics in our ecosystem we plan to make Daedaland a sustainable and growing project for years to come.
Our North Star is to create a world where people can play fun games and get rewarded based on their skill.

The Ecosystem

Daedaland is an NFT and gaming ecosystem where players own and control the game characters called Seekers. Seekers are adventurers who explore dangerous terrains in order to find coin and treasure. Players can upgrade their Seekers to make them better at what they do. Seekers explore the treacherous labyrinths and discover items that can help them progress in the game. Our players will exclusively own the Seekers and the items found in the game, and they can freely trade them on the open market. The feeling of mystery and excitement is not restricted to Daedaland universe, but also leaks into the real world. Your Seekers give you an exciting opportunity to participate in our unique Treasure Hunts which will help unlock new bits of knowledge about the Daedaland world. Treasure Hunts are a series of puzzle challenges involving ciphers, logic, minigames and more. The rewards will include unique badge NFTs for quickest solvers, as well as useful in-game NFT items.


We aim to provide various utilities to the participants of the Daedaland ecosystem. We list some of the features and their utility we plan to release. Check out the roadmap for a more detailed description.
  • Our NFTs are carefully designed digital pieces of art, danger seekers and adventure takers. They will proudly represent you as your profile pictures.
  • Seeker owners can participate in Treasure Hunts. Treasure hunts are a series of puzzle challenges with unique NFT rewards. First treasure hunt will begin shortly after the collection minting.
  • Seekers can go on adventures (Auto-play), find loot and coins to improve future adventures. Seekers can also find special items which enable guessing solutions for Treasure Hunts.
  • Anyone who owns this special item can participate in the Treasure Hunts.
  • Treasure Hunting Guilds - Treasure hunts will be challenging problems one person may have difficulty solving themselves. Team up and share the winnings in a trustless manner.
  • Player-versus-player game mode with leaderboards and weekly rewards for the players based on their performance. Rewards will be given out in Daedaland (DAED) tokens, our future ERC20 governance token. Playing the game will reward the utility token Spirit of Adventure (SOA) which will be the main in-game currency.
  • Players can own labyrinth map NFTs. Owners can also customize and improve their labyrinths to make them more difficult to explore.
  • We (Daedalabs) will partner with upcoming NFT collections and/or projects for giveaways which labyrinth owners can opt in and host a giveaway on their labyrinth.
  • Adventures can award Apprentice Seekers, a less experienced characters who may be trained up by the fully trained Seekers or by the Genesis Seekers.
  • Free game mode (without owning the NFT) will be added for new players. They can level up their virtual character to reduce the eventual minting cost. By minting such a character an Apprentice Seeker will be created that can be further trained. Free characters can go on adventures but cannot participate in leaderboards (and thus cannot earn DAED tokens), but they will earn SOA tokens at a reduced rate. They can also participate in PVP gameplay, but will only be playing against other free-to-play players.
  • NFT burning - destroy NFTs you do not need and receive rare items.
Many utilities/actions listed here will require burning SOA tokens. This is important in order to control the inflation and the token price, given it can be earned by just playing the game.