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Disclaimer: We at Daedalabs retain the rights to change aspects of game-play outlined below in case we find it unfeasible or unwanted by the community.
Our top priority is to make the world as fun as possible to interact with. While a fun game can attract many gamers (Seekers), we do not want to stop there. Therefore, we will also make it possible for people (Treasure Hunters) who enjoy solving complex puzzles and ciphers to participate in our ecosystem. Treasure Hunters will need to interact with Seekers in order to solve the puzzles and the Seekers can benefit from Treasure Hunters by using some of the loot won from the treasure hunts.

Adventure Mode (Auto-play)

This will be the first and the simplest game mode we will release. It will feature an AI-controlled play style where the NFT owners can prepare their Seekers for an adventure by choosing which items to bring along. Once ready, they can send them on adventure where the AI will explore the labyrinth and collect coin and treasure. Treasure will be in the form of artifacts and game items. By doing adventures, the Seekers gain experience and level up. Upon leveling up, they will gain new skill points, which the owners can assign as they choose. Leveling bonuses can also include additional item slots, usable game items etc. All game items will be virtual at first with a possibility to convert them into NFTs and selling them on the marketplace at a later stage. Adventure mode will also award the special item which will be used during treasure hunts. Treasure Hunters will be especially interested in those.
One of the reasons we decided to release the AI game mode first is because we can use this AI to simulate many millions of games in order to balance the PvP game-play which will be released later on.

Player-versus-Player Mode

This is our main game mode and will feature two Seekers playing on the same labyrinth map at the same time, competing for the resources hidden across the map. Both players will have the same limited time to explore. They can interact with each other and with the environment to gain advantage. Various game items will help in doing so. E.g. Seekers may bring along a pickaxe which can help them dig through certain wall types, or they could bring a torch which will help them see farther. There will be obstacles and traps inside the labyrinth which the players will need to avoid or disable.
While playing the PvP mode, the players gain ELO rating and climb the ladder. The better their rating, the better the DAED rewards they will earn for the week.

Playable Characters: The Seekers

The Seekers are masters of adventure. They have spent most of their lives exploring Daedaland, and their expertise is now available for anyone daring to explore in a hunt for fame and riches.
The main playable characters in Daedaland will be the Master Seekers, the NFT collection that will be the first to release. The seekers will all have different visual appearance, but also different attributes that effect the game-play. Through game-play, the players can earn additional skill points which they can assign to any attributes they desire. The levels and skill points will be preserved if the NFT is traded.
Sample Seekers


Daedaland world is filled with mystery and while exploring, the Seekers discovered countless stretches of underground tunnels, some leading nowhere, and many deceptively leading inattentive adventurers in circles, with aim to exhaust their supplies and forcing them to retreat without the treasure they so desperately want to find.
The game is played on a unique and ever-changing labyrinth. The configuration of the labyrinth will change with each game.
The labyrinth will have a set amount of rewards that the Seekers can find. Rumors say that some also contain treasure chests which can contain useful resources that can help with exploration in future adventures. The labyrinth can reward a certain amount of SOA coins, and will have coins spread out on the map which the Seekers can collect. Depending on the amount of coins collected, the Seeker wins that proportion of the total coin award.
In a later stage, we will release a Labyrinth NFT collection which will unlock new exciting mechanics. Once released, all games will be played on the NFT labyrinths. Coin rewards will function as before, but now a portion of the coins not collected by the Seeker will be awarded to the labyrinth owner. This total will be capped at some daily amount and the tax collected above that amount will be burned.
Labyrinth owners will be able to customize their labyrinth by adding more and better traps, stronger monsters, reinforced walls and more.
In addition to that, the NFT owner can also choose to place a custom reward in their treasure chest, to attract additional Seekers to their labyrinth. This can be virtually anything - more about this feature later in the article.

Labyrinth Treasures

We plan to partner with other projects, especially new and upcoming NFT projects where they can allocate a small number of NFTs to our platform. Labyrinth owners can opt in to host a giveaway on their labyrinth. While such giveaway is active, the Seekers can choose a regular adventure or a boosted one. We plan to allow partners to also introduce a small tax for hosting their giveaway (say 1-5%) which would be paid by the labyrinth owner. We feel this is a good tradeoff for the boost in additional adventures the Seekers will take. This tax would not be affected by the particular labyrinth tax cap (this percentage would not be burned but would go to the partner project).


It is known that in those dark labyrinthine halls a mighty treasure can be found. Aside of the coins the Seekers may collect, some of the best loot will be found inside a treasure chest. These chests could contain items which can be taken on future adventures to aid the Seekers while exploring. These could be various traps that can be placed inside the labyrinth to slow down monsters, or potions or elixirs that can improve the effectiveness of the Seeker.


The dark halls of our labyrinths are not safe for casual explorers. Rumors say there are all kinds of monsters lurking in the shadows. The seekers will need to find a way to avoid or defeat them as quickly as possible, in order to not lose to much time. Time spent on fighting monsters is time not spent on exploration and collecting coins and treasures.
In the future, we have plans to let the labyrinth owners choose which monsters to place in their labyrinth. Remember, the less coins the Seekers collect, the more the owner's cut will be.


During your adventures, you will encounter heroes previously considered lost to the labyrinth. If willing, Seekers may take the less fortunate heroes under their wing as apprentices and train them to become masters themselves.
Apprentice Seekers can serve the same roles as the Master Seekers, but they will need further training before they can be as effective adventurers as the Master Seekers. Any Master Seeker can offer their training services to any apprentice. In game-play terms, this means the apprentices will be at a lower starting level and with missing skill attributes which will have to be earned through training.
Apprentices can also go on adventures, similar to the Masters, but they cannot offer training services or gain skill points through experience or levels, until they themselves have been fully trained. The training system will be further developed and when we have decided on the specifics, more information will be posted here.
We plan to make it possible for people to offer their Master Seekers for training sessions for any apprentice for a fee specified by the owner of the Master Seeker NFT.
While training, the likelihood of learning a specific ability by the apprentice is determined by the expertise of the master and the apprentice in each of the attributes. The higher the combined expertise in an attribute, the higher the probability that that specific attribute will be learned. Using this scheme, the Seekers who may not have well balanced skill point distributions will be desirable for training purposes, having significantly higher chance to teach a specific attribute.
Once an apprentice is fully trained, they also become masters and can teach other apprentices. The masters may train as many times as they wish, but the cost of doing so will become more and more prohibitive the more they do it.

Leaderboard and Tournaments

Adventure-taking in Daedaland is a competitive sport. Seekers noticed that if they enter the labyrinths together, the layout will be the same for both of them, giving them a better chance to explore more ground together and to also find more treasure. While cooperative at first, this type of exploration quickly became competitive and Seekers began comparing their loot for fame and prestige.
By playing and winning the player-versus-player game mode, players gain rating and climb the leaderboard.
Periodically, we will also organize tournaments where the best players can compete for the title of the Grandmaster Seeker and even more DAED rewards. Players will need to play actively and maintain rating above a certain threshold to be eligible for the qualifying rounds for the tournaments. The finalists face-off will be streamed for the entire community to enjoy.