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All dates are subject to change, and most priorities (ordering) may be adjusted given community feedback. Game mode releases will definitely be in the order outlined below due to the incremental nature of their development.

Stage 1

  • [Mar, 2022] Daedaland goes public; marketing campaign starts
  • [Apr, 2022] Master Seekers NFT Collection Release
  • [Q2, 2022] First Treasure Hunt, exclusive to NFT holders
  • [Q2, 2022] Auxilary game item airdrop
  • [Q3, 2022] Auto-play game mode release
  • [Q3, 2022] Second Treasure Hunt, open for everyone
  • [Q4, 2022] Single player game mode release
  • [Q4, 2022] SOA Token release and earnable by playing the game

Stage 2

  • [Q4, 2022] Third Treasure Hunt
  • [Q1, 2023] Labyrinth NFT Release
  • [Q1, 2023] DAED Governance Token Release
  • [Q2, 2023] Player versus player game mode release
  • [Q2, 2023] Apprentice Seekers can be found in PVP adventures
  • [Q3, 2023] Training Release
  • [Q3, 2023] Labyrinth development and customization

Stage 3+

  • TBD


The community can vote to bring these and other future ideas into the Roadmap. We are open to adding community-generated ideas to the vote as well.
  • [*] Treasure Hunting Guilds
  • [*] NFT Lending and Borrowing
  • [*] Free-to-play game mode release