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The Team

We are Daedalabs, a team of real-life friends with the skillset and drive to grow this project into a successful ecosystem.
Zoran Co-founder of Daedalabs and the mind behind Daedaland. He is a software engineer with a decade of experience in microservices and optimization algorithms in some of the biggest Internet companies. Zoran is the main blockchain developer and will also have the lead role in game-play and Treasure Hunt design. LinkedIn Twitter
Jakob Co-founder of Daedalabs. He is an engineering guru with 10 years of experience in application development for millions of users. Jakob will lead the web development team. LinkedIn Twitter
Danijel Creative mastermind, a 2D & 3D artist in video game development industry with 10 years of experience and a passionate gamer for more than 20 years. Danijel is the art lead at Daedalabs. LinkedIn ArtStation
Tomislav Game developer for Daedalabs. He is a software engineer with extensive experience working on a wide range of projects including high-scale distributed systems, automation tooling, web and mobile. Tomislav will work on the frontend and backend for the game. LinkedIn
Luka He is a telecommunication engineer with more than ten years of experience in IT. In his free time, he plays games and studies simulation methods of complex systems, for science and fun. Luka will get creative with marketing and supporting the community.. LinkedIn Twitter