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Treasure Hunts

The Elder Council collects the artifacts from many adventurers. Once they collect enough of them, they will be able to gather enough information to organize them into a consistent and functional puzzle. Then they will release a bounty on the solution to the puzzle.
Back in the real world, we will be hosting a different kind of adventure. Engage in a brain teaser of epic proportions where you will have to solve different types of puzzles and decode ciphers in order to figure out what is happening in Daedaland. If successful, you will not only win exclusive rewards in the form of unique 1/1 NFTs, but you will be forever immortalized on the blockchain.
Treasure Hunts will feature a series of multiple challenges of progressive difficulty where the players will have to decode messages and solve puzzles to progress to the next challenge. Each challenge will have a separate leaderboard and their own set of rewards which will be distributed in a first-solve-first-serve manner. As the difficulty progresses, there will be fewer and fewer spots with rewards, but the rewards will be of higher quality. The final stage of the treasure hunt will only provide rewards for the first solver, granting them the title Decoder and a unique NFT reward, usable in the Daedaland universe.
Initially, only the owners of Master Seeker NFT collection will be able to participate in the treasure hunts, but later on, when we release the auto-play game version, the Seekers will be able to find NFT items on their adventures which will be required to "guess" the solution of a specific stage of the treasure hunt. We hope this will allow more people to participate and to bring in new denizens to the ecosystem.
As with any NFTs, these items will be tradable on the marketplace.
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